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Enterprise business applications

Improve your processes with fast, flexible business process management and integration solutions

Many companies are burdened with inflexible legacy platforms, resistant to interoperability – data and content fail to integrate as they converge from different partners, locations and systems. In many instances, business has spread beyond what the current IT can support, as companies expand their network and reach, diversify their target audiences, capture more data and information, aspire to provide better customer experience and adopt new concepts, such as enterprise mobility and social media.


  1. Leverage a collaborative environment for designing, modeling, and adapting processes
  2. Execute what you model – from initial definition to process deployment and execution
  3. Re-use best practice-based functionality from service-enabled applications
  4. Provide intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that can be accessed through multiple channels
  5. Identify potential process bottlenecks with powerful monitoring and analytical capabilities
  6. Jumpstart your integration project with pre-packaged integration scenarios and B2B adapters

We help you transform your business, harmonizing your IT platforms, accelerating workflows, improving operational efficiency, increasing customer engagement and adopting innovative technologies. We optimize your business processes, improve your insight into data and decision making capabilities, support modern business concepts and strategies, and provide value along the entire enterprise value chain. Through a combination of business consulting, technology and industry expertise and experience, and strong partnerships, we empower our customers to achieve and exceed their business objectives.

  • Rama-it ERP

    Run your business in real-time with new business innovations, simpler IT with choice of deployment and a redefined user experience and Gain instant insight-to-action to improve agility, responsiveness, and decision making Learn more

  • Rama-it CRM

    Define sales territories based on customer or market characteristics. Set targets and monitor sales performance.Identify trends, spot opportunities, increase efficiency and reduce cost, more closings in less time
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  • Oracle

    We help clients realize measurable business value from their investments through our offerings in the area of core Oracle technologies, helping prepare client enterprises for tomorrow’s challenges – and opportunities.
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  • SAP

    Businesses must provide appreciable returns to shareholders, so it is imperative that their IT-enabled investments provide measurable business outcomes.
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