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A solution for Engineering & Construction

Build better with construction software

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Drive profitable growth with CORE for the engineering, construction, and operations.Better manage your projects, equipment, workforce, and financial operations.
CORE helps the user to store and manage Estimation Scheduling, documents, drawings, images and emails in one central repository against the relevant projects, contacts and organisations. Based on a powerful corporate database and centralised procedures
This user-friendly system makes it easy to capture, store and retrieve business information when and where required.


  1. Quickly access disparate data – anytime, anywhere
  2. Make faster, more informed decisions
  3. Improve project margins with fewer cost over-runs
  4. Make your workflows more integrated and efficient
  5. Fasten the way to process the scope changes.
  6. Mobilize your team professionals


Project management

improve project profitability with our project management module which will Maximize efficiency across your project process with robust collaboration tools such as

  • Estimation and costings
  • Project Scheduling
  • Job postings
  • Change order management
  • Request for Inofrmation(RFI)

Resource Management

Core provides a job posting features that fit the unique needs of each resource on your team for different projects. The way the solution is built makes many capabilities useful.

  • Adding resources like labour,equipemnts, materials, rentals, sub contracts and more
  • Assigning different resource to east project activity
  • Tracking each resource and its usage


You can import from a Job, Proposal or Change Order directly onto the Invoice to minimize typing and the possible mistakes that come with it. And when it comes to creating a Progress Billing, that's where we really shine.

  • Billing of resources
  • Billing of material
  • sub contract billing
  • Miscellaneous billings


Intelligent Finance modules and book keeping on entire projects is included in this perfectly streamlined module covering the entire back office of a project phase

  • Dashboard reports for quick analysis of the financial status of the organisation
  • Payable and receivable accounts
  • Asset management
  • GL Accounts

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