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Document Management system

Solving Document problems using DocManager

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Many companies have documents stored all over the place on desktop computers, laptops, network drives, email, USB sticks and various consumer file sharing sites, thereby making it difficult to manage all the different documents under one platform which will effect in productivity of the organisation

DocManager helps the user to store all kinds of document on cloud and ensuring that you always have the right version of the file you need, and full access from anywhere, any time.

DocManager saves valuable time otherwise wasted searching for information and recreating misplaced documents


  1. Centralized repository on cloud
  2. Differentiate documents according to categories
  3. Secure Documents
  4. Access easily from any where
  5. Scan or attach the documents
  6. Smart search
  7. User friendly, Multi user web application


Scanning and Importing

Scan all the paper document of your company records and store them on cloud or Import from your PC and save it on cloud

  • Can import any file with any format
  • Image files can be viewed using our imageviewer feature
  • Sharing the files as email attachment
  • Adding extra notes on the scanned file

Document Search

Quickly index the document by its name which reduces the searching time and in easy way and also stores the content present in the scanned images on cloud

  • Search and retrive all the stored documents instantly
  • Search the documents from its content or by its format
  • Also searches the content of the files


User can add extra notes on the scanned images and save it on the cloud or share it via email the DocManager has many annotations such as

  • Image Cropping
  • Adding text on the image
  • Adding stickynote
  • Zoom in and zoom out
  • Adding URL
  • Adding stamp to image


It allows user to use a scanner to scan a document, and transcode the text into a text document and store it on cloud during search, it will also search the content present in the image

  • It scans and stores the content present in image
  • During search it also searches the stored content

To know more about DocManager download our brochure