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A solution for Islamic banking

Architect Your Business to Overcome Compounding Industry Dynamics, Not Application Limitations

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The next generation core banking solution is tailored to help your bank achieve its strategic objectives.
Islamic Banking can be flexibly deployed to support all your technology and business objectives. With this solution, you can effectively reduce operating costs, establish higher customer intimacy, and reduce time to market for new products. You can stay ahead of the competition and efficiently fulfill demanding compliance mandates while processing higher transaction volumes and meeting increased customer expectations.
Easy Banking helps banks overcome the challenges of intense competition, reduced margins, and increased customer expectations by creating a unique competitive advantage built upon improved profitability and an extended customer reach.


  1. Flexible and varied feature repertoire for banks
  2. Make faster, more informed decisions
  3. Lowered total cost of ownership
  4. Make your workflows more integrated and efficient
  5. Greater process efficiency.
  6. Robust performance for Islamic banking are assured



The module enables the bank to define and offer a range of different types of accounts which includes Current account, Savings Account, Zakath Account with the additional features such as

  • Adding account details
  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Standing instructions
  • Signature verification
  • Passbook printing


A modular solution built on the standard technology infrastructure supports different types of loans such as Gold loan, Vehicle loan, Personal loan with the add-on features such as

  • Gold value calculation according to weight
  • Due date remainders
  • Loan recovery
  • Document management
  • Payment validations

Hardware integration

The comprehensive Easybanking framework facilitates to integrate with different hardwares which is very essential tool in Islamic banking industry. The user can use

  • Handheld device for pigme collectors
  • Passbook printer
  • Dot matrix printer
  • Fingerprint scanner


Finance module helps the bank manage its funds appropriately which ressults in greater process efficiency and better risk mitigation with the following features

  • Dashboard reports for quick analysis of the financial status of the organisation
  • Payable and receivable accounts
  • Asset management
  • Day ledger
  • Trail balance
  • GL Accounts

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