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Fast track transportation and travel

Move at the speed of change – with our transportation, travel, and logistics software

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Logical helps the world’s leading companies realize supply chain success through end-to-end transportation and logistics processes with market standards and improving customer services. Increased volatility, global reach and a growing interconnectedness have customers demanding higher levels of consistency and scale from their freight and logistics services.

Streamline operations and better manage your fixed and moving assets for improved margins. Our software for the transportation, travel, and logistics industry can help you deliver higher value services to your customers – whether you're a carrier, logistics service provider, or hospitality provider.

Combining an experienced team with leading-edge software and a global delivery capability, Logicals Software for Freight & Logistics melds innovation and true end-to-end solutions to bring agility and precision to freight and logistics operations, and place organizations firmly on the path to high performance


  1. Achive annual reduction in transportation cost
  2. Improve in load consolidation
  3. Improve plan productivity
  4. Improve returns on investment in short period
  5. Manage daily orders on each site
  6. Increase effeciency in warehouses
  7. Improve In-stock position
  8. Improve service levels including on time delievery
  9. Track the status of each airway tickets


Freight rates management

Logicals robust data entry workflow collects and verifies information about each carrier.
Which includes

  • Freight class and Commodity discription
  • Carrier origin and destination
  • Method of transportation
  • Unit of calculations
  • Ammendment details
  • Diferent types of charges

Bookings & Quotations

Logicals helps the user to book the Air,Ocean and Land freight booking and sending quotations in advance with the details such as

  • Client details with ID
  • Date of creation and departure date
  • Carrier details
  • AWB details
  • Spotting and Cut off dates

Warehouse management

In Logicals you can maintain all the in bound and out bound stocks in the warehouse. and can also generate warehouse receipt accordingly

  • Receipt details
  • Shipping detials
  • Carrier and supplier details
  • Applicable charges
  • Package details such as dimensions, weight volume, No of Pieces.


Finance Executives are tasked with cutting costs and providing insight into the financial impact of decisions. To achive these goals in this high pressured environment

  • Account Payables & Receivables
  • Opening & closing balances
  • Staff Payments
  • Balance sheet
  • General ledger

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