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A solution for Rental industry

Building tomorrow's Rental enterprise

Over view

Global rental industry is definitely on the rebound, but it faces some new challenges. These include rapidly changing guest demographics. There is need to deliver personalized experience at every touchpoint and, in an age of eroding brand loyalties, give a shot in the arm for loyalty initiatives. Even so, companies that have the right information technology and strategy in place have not only navigated these barriers effectively but also moved business to the next level of engagement
Using RMS you can manage all the aspects of rental field such as Rentals, Maintanence, Profits and more


  1. Quickly access disparate data – anytime, anywhere
  2. Make faster, more informed decisions
  3. Improve profit margins with fewer cost over-runs
  4. Make your workflows more integrated and efficient
  5. Fasten the way to process the scope changes.
  6. Mobilize your team professionals


Rental management

This module helps managing the payments starting from adding an appartment to adding tents with the rental details it will ease the user to know the status of each tenent

  • Adding House
  • Adding tenents
  • Payments
  • Balance payments
  • Maintainence

Investment Management

Manage all your investor details in this module which covers the investor details and the total amount of investment in the business and percentage of profit sharing according to investment

  • Adding investors
  • Profit calculations according to investment
  • Investor payments
  • Credit and debit payments


You can manage all the properties profits in this single module. A user can view overall profit of his business complete or individually And when it comes to Profit calculation, that's where we really shine.

  • Profit sharings
  • Profit from each property
  • Overall profit
  • Profit payments


Intelligent Finance modules and book keeping on entire projects is included in this perfectly streamlined module covering the entire back office of a project phase

  • Dashboard reports for quick analysis of the financial status of the organisation
  • Payable and receivable accounts
  • Asset management
  • GL Accounts