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A solution for Retail industry

Create personalized, compelling shopper experiences across all channels

Over view

We help retailers transform their business with unified and simplified processes to create a personalized experience across channels, business models and customers. Our retail management solutions can help you improve efficiency and gain a single view of the customer.
Our solutions can help you gain a real-time view of customers and inventories, improve operating efficiencies, revamp your supply chain – and ultimately grow your top and bottom line at the same time.


  1. Better conversion rates across channels
  2. Make faster, more informed decisions
  3. Greater customer satisfaction
  4. Better stock coverage and improved service levels
  5. Lower store labor costs.
  6. Mobilize your retail sales


Inventory Planning

Discover how you can run real-time complex available-to-promise (ATP) inventory checks up to 1,000 times faster with the help of our Retail Solution.

Channel retailing

Learn how to revolutionizing the way to showcases its look each year. Helping the company get its designs into more stores by using our solution for retails.


Consumers around the world are ready to use mobile devices to shop, compare, and transact on the Web or in stores. Market research indicates that nearly 70 percent of consumers across the globe are opting for mobile applications to shop we help client getting their sales online through our ecommerce solution


Intelligent Finance modules and book keeping on entire inventory and products is included in this perfectly streamlined module covering the entire back office of a retail business

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